At BilArabi we’re passionate about Arabic language.  Teaching Arabic is not just our job but our passion and we are always developing new ways to make learning Arabic fun. 

So come and learn with us in Tripoli Lebanon and experience the sights, sounds and flavors 
of Lebanon’s vibrant, historic second city!

With its bustling ancient souks, Mamluk architecture, friendly neighborhoods and mouth-watering food you’ll soon be immersed in the Arabic language and won’t want to leave!

The corona virus pandemic has left many of us stuck at home and searching for creative ways to fill our time. If you’re looking for an option that keeps you productive, and levels up your skills for your future career or studies, you can learn Arabic Online. When you study Arabic Online with BilArabi, you can take classes 100% online, whenever you need and as often as you like, and even participate in online Arabic debates sessions to improve your Arabic.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch today to find out more!

Teaching Arabic For non-Native Speakers Lebanon

BilArabi is an absolutely amazing opportunity to learn Arabic from a teacher who is teaching the language with passion, great energy and most importantly, with their heart! The content and materials are of high quality and great precision. 
We learn the Arabic language in an innovative and interesting way and always receive positive motivation for further learning. As a student of Arabic since five years, and already speaking & writing really well, I very much recommend BilArabi to all students – beginners or advanced. Yalla nahki arabi!

‎Viola Ternényová‎

I have taken Arabic classes at other schools in both Beirut and Tripoli and Carole is the best and most enthusiastic Arabic teacher I’ve had. She has an infectious love of the language and caters to all levels of Arabic effortlessly. She is great fun to be around and takes any tedium out of learning a difficult language. Her dedication to her students and their learning also goes far beyond the classroom as she focuses on her their whole experience of being in Lebanon. I would recommend BilArabi Institute to anyone of any level!

Flora Scott-Barrett